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02 September 2009


What to put in my first blog entry? I think I'll just give credit where credit is due:

BlogEngine.net: OfThat.com is based on the open source BlogEngine.net written in C# running on Microsoft ASP.net. I chose it because it's a solid platform, open to modification (which I intend to do) and I'm familiar with programming in C# and on ASP.net. I'm not a bigot about these platforms. I'm just more experienced with them than with others.

Windows Azure: OfThat.com is presently hosted on the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform. That's because it's free during the technology preview and should be inexpensive and scalable in the future. It took a bit of adaptation to make BlogEngine.net run on Azure. After looking over what was available, I started with the 1.5 release of BlogEngine.net and the AzureBlogProvider built by Pierre Henri Kuate for his blog. Kuate based his work on the AzureBlogEngine so mine is third-generation. My claim to fame on the port is that I was able to isolate all of my adaptations to the AzureBlogProvider with no changes to the rest of the BlogEngine source. I'll detail how this was done (and some of the Azure pitfalls) in a future post. Likewise, I'll be making source code available as required by the Microsoft Permissive License

Indigo: The design of the site is based on the standard "Indigo" theme that comes with BlogEngine. It was originally designed by Arcsin, and adapted by RazorAnt. I've made a few more tweaks.

Dedication: OfThat.com is dedicated to my wife, Julie, without whom life wouldn't be nearly as meaningful or entertaining.

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