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27 November 2011

Video Presentation - Changing the Rules to the Game of School

My presentation at the iNACOL VSS Conference two weeks ago was very well-received. The video version is below, it's just voice over slides but it flows pretty well.


  1. This was very interesting to me. I had so many things I wanted to say about this presentation...too hard in a little comment box. It's also been a couple of weeks now since I listened, and I lost my little sticky note!

    First, when you're talking about the Game of School, you call school a voluntary activity. I know a lot of home-schoolers who would point out that education in America is compulsory. Does that affect how the game is played?

    I also found Clayton Christensen's analysis of the goals of school fascinating. It explains a lot, but also to me shows that we're expecting schools to be all things to all people. But as you say, we also need to accept and use the tools that are now available to us.

    I love your end comments on motivation. There could be a lot more discussion there.

    Oh, and I loved the idea about how we've already moved on in a subject by the time the results of a test come back. And whether they understood or not, we move on. Crazy.

    I'll love to see the tools that are developed from the new standards.

  2. Thanks, Kristen, for your comments. Regarding compulsory education, it's kind of like leading a horse to water. You can compel a child to attend school but you can't make her learn. Learning will always require voluntary participation. So, in order to succeed, we need to invite students to learn even if they are compelled to be present.