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10 November 2011

VSS Presentation: Changing the Rules to the Game of School

Today I'm speaking at the iNACOL VSS conference. The following outline of my presentation is primarily a resource for attendees but others may find it valuable as well.

A New Perspective on Technology:

Changing the Rules to the Game of School

  • Thesis
    • The Game of School was designed around scarce resources but new technology offers abundance where scarcity once ruled.
    • Digital Abundance
      • Abundant Content
      • Learning Maps
      • Abundant Assessment
  • Games
  • Game of School
    • Goal (from Disrupting Class)
      • 1840: Preserve the Democracy
      • 1890: Prepare Everyone for Vocations
      • 1980: Keep America Competitive
      • 2000: Eliminate Poverty
    • Rules
      • Failure Consequences
      • Proxies for Achievement
      • Unbundling
    • Feedback
      • Formative Assessment
      • Control Theory
      • Pedagogical Theory
    • Voluntary Participation
      • Duncker’s Candle Problem
      • Motivation
        • Autonomy
        • Mastery
        • Purpose
  • Design of the Game
  • Resources & References


  1. I love the point apparent in your outline that both our goals and our resources have changed in education. Can we see your presentation?

  2. My presentation was recorded and they'll post it for streaming within the next week or so. When that happens I'll post a link here in the blog.