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17 November 2012

Video: Feedback Loops for More Effective and Personalized Learning

Last month I presented at the iNACOL VSS conference. I posted my slides and resources here.
I experimented with using a Bluetooth microphone and PowerPoint's recording feature to generate a voiceover video of the presentation.

I apologize in advance. The audio quality is fairly poor. It's especially bad at the beginning but improves later. I think I was near the range limit of the microphone. And PowerPoint's recording/video feature is still buggy. In a couple of slides, the sound drops out entirely.
Flaws aside, I'm pleased with how the subject came together. Quality feedback loops are a key component in personalized learning solutions. In researching this topic I found a lot of relevant research that can guide the development and selection of products.

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  1. Enjoyed the presentation, despite the sound quality.

    I'd compare typical student feedback to a toaster feedback loop. Something, like, "Whoops, not done enough, put it back!" "Dang! It's burned!" And the next piece of toast is an all new problem because the toaster's in a different state.